Auto Insurance Ontario Quotes Online

Auto insurance is car insurance that every car owner in the province of Ontario has to have by law. The process of getting car insurance can be time consuming and frustrating, especially if you are unfamiliar with the car insurance marketplace. A good way to make this process easier is to get car insurance quotes online, using an accredited car insurer’s site. This lets you search for rates on your specific car make and model at once, letting you compare prices quickly and easily. Some websites even let you name your own price, effectively finding the cheapest car insurance St Catharines available for your car based on its age, gender and number of drivers on the policy.

Since car accidents are very common in Ontario – statistically it is said that most car accidents are caused by young males aged 16-25 – car insurance is something that you can’t afford to go without. If your car isn’t insured it will be impounded by the police if they see you driving, which means having to pay a fine and tow costs just for being on the road. Furthermore car insurance companies in Ontario have minimum standards of coverage – these are mandatory regardless of what car insurance company you decide to go with.

The one downside to looking for car insurance quotes online is that not all car insurers are accredited. There are several different kinds of car insurer accredited with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). You can confirm whether or not an insurer is an accredited car insurer through FSCO’s website. If they are accredited then you are eligible for car insurance that is backed by the government of Ontario – car insurance is not available through FSCO if the car insurer has not been accredited.

Before getting car insurance quotes online make sure to go over all of your car’s technical details with someone who knows cars well. This lets you get more accurate car insurance rates, letting you save money on your next car insurance purchase!