4 Modern Real Estate Marketing Techniques

The real estate industry is more competitive now than at any point in the past. Agents and firms must use effective marketing strategies in order to remain in the minds of potential clients. The Internet and other modern technologies have provided agents with many new channels for marketing services and properties. Not all of the channels that are available are practical or effective for the industry. There are clear new trends emerging that are driving agents towards specific REALTOR marketing strategies. These strategies are quickly becoming necessary for success.

1) Mobile Presence

Mobile phones are now being used commonly in order to access the Internet and search for information. The mobile commerce market is one of the fastest growing industries in North America. Mobile devices are changing the way that people interact with the world and with businesses. A successful agent will need a professional mobile presence. A mobile presence means developing a special type of website that can be viewed on a small device. Individuals who are looking at homes will feel more connected if there is a mobile site available for the home or agent. A mobile presence will allow potential clients to instantly find information about a property or contact an agent electronically.

2) Blogging And Newsletters

Part of modern real estate marketing involves driving traffic to a core website online and finding ways to keep clients coming back. One effective way to do this is through blogging. Blogging involves writing articles related to the industry, properties or other topics that provide valuable information to readers. A blog that is updated multiple times during the week will become a resource for clients. This keeps attention on the website for months or years instead of just minutes. Blogging also helps to establish expertise in an area that generates trust in new clients. Newsletters are similar to blogs but are delivered directly to clients through email. Blogs that use proper search engine optimization practices will actually increase the search rankings of the website.

3) Social Media Networking

All agents understand the importance of networking. Networking was once done through face-to-face meetings and phone calls. It is now more effective to network through social media. Social media outlets provide an invaluable connection to previous and potential clients. These outlets combine marketing, networking and customer service. They are effective for lead generation and for making announcements about new services or properties. Modern social media requires constant attention in order keep pages clean and valuable updates posted. The result is a direct line of communication between clients and the agent. It is also an effective way to maintain relationships with other agents within the industry.

4) Sponsor Events

A traditional marketing strategy is still very effective and provides a large amount of exposure within key local communities. Sponsoring an event means contributing to some financial or logistical aspect of a sports game, festival or other gathering. This contribution is rewarded by placing the name of the agent or firm on literature, websites and other materials related to the event. Sponsoring an event creates legitimacy and trust in individuals and the community. This will draw more people to the agent over time. The added bonus is that online advertising for the event can contain links to the main real estate website that will draw in new clients and improve the visibility of the business online.


Photo credit: https://www.pinterest.com/printerbees/real-estate-marketing-ideas/