What Determines A Master Plumber

In many job disciplines, the word “master” is applied to indicate a superior level of advanced knowledge, a proven track record of experience and success as well as the addition of a wider range of skills. This also applies to those in the plumbing industry. Individuals who achieve the status of master plumber are licensed and have extended the level of their licensing through their state’s most stringent license testing. These masters also possess management experience that is transferable to large plumbing projects for municipalities, new construction and often are called upon as trainers for many vocational schools and colleges where plumbing courses are offered. Masters are also called upon to verify plumbing designs and act as professional advisors should a legal difficulty arise.

Master Status Educational Requirements
In most states, an associates degree or vocational education certification is the basis of master status. Upon completion of their plumbing education, masters will have expansive knowledge of plumbing design, piping, sewer and wastewater systems as well as the ability to read and understand plumbing system blue prints. In addition to maintaining current knowledge of federal and state compliance regulations regarding plumbing and piping standards, masters in plumbing are also aware of changes and upgrades of plumbing designs and systems. In certain states, master status requirements include four or more years as a journeyman or in an apprenticeship under the guidance of a certified plumbing master.

Aspire To Master Plumbing Status
In the plumbing industry, it’s advantageous to aspire to master status for several reasons:
. Advancement of industry reputation
. Wider ranges of job opportunities in a broader field of projects
. Recognizable expertise as a trainer and instructor of journeymen
. Easier access to higher paying projects

Where to Find Masters of the Plumbing Industry
In many states, there are several resources to find masters of plumbing:
. Local or state Chamber of Commerce
. Local or state plumbing licensing bureau
. Plumbing union registries
. Online at plumbing industry websites
. Social media

When Do You Need A Plumbing Master?
In most cases, plumbing masters work mainly on complex plumbing projects. Some of these may through a general bid process or through a major client. In addition to the extensive experience and knowledge they bring to these projects, masters of plumbing are well insured for the work they are assigned to complete and are supported by the prestige of their licensing. Whenever a plumbing master is chosen for a complex project, their duties may be supervisory or as an advising manager of the project’s licensed plumbing crew. All plumbing designs and equipment are thoroughly reviewed by masters before a project begins. Each phase of a complex plumbing project is carefully orchestrated by the plumbing master to insure accuracy, efficiency and highest quality plumbing design and equipment. Plumbing masters are highly sought after by government agencies as well as for sophisticated projects in private industries. They receive attractive remuneration for the most effective and proficient plumbing masters.

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